Teeth Whitening

We currently offer semi and fully custom whitening trays and in-office power bleaching. The semi-custom trays are a great option for patients who are new to whitening products.  The fully custom trays are made from a digital impression of your teeth to make trays that fit your teeth intimately.  We can customize the strength of the product to help you achieve the desired result. In-office power whitening is a procedure many of our clients select as it is administered by trained professionals in our office which often allows us to use higher concentration bleaching gels, giving you a brighter smile.

At MSK Dentistry, a smile goes a long way, and we want you to be happy with your smile.  A person’s satisfaction or dissatisfaction with their smile can affect everything from social interactions, dating, and job opportunities.  There are many options for fixing a cosmetic dental issue and get you on your way to feeling better about your smile.