The SureSmile® alternative

SureSmile® is a new and exciting option in the constantly evolving discreet dentistry care sector.  SureSmile® is a clear alignment alternative to braces and is often used when there are minor tooth movements needed to improve your smile. SureSmile® aligners work a little differently than other alignment options and can be a great tool in addressing tooth alignment in a non-invasive way with optimal results.

Similar to other clear alignment products, Suresmile® is a condensed process and can be completed in three convenient steps:

Step 1

Schedule your consultation with Dr. Shah-Khan to determine if Suresmile® is the right product for you. Once determined you are a candidate for Suresmile®, the MSK team will perform an easy scan using the Primescan™intraoral scanner to create a customized treatment plan for you. The scanner will then send your images to the SureSmile® Digital Lab where a team of clinical experts will assess your specific alignment needs and design your clear aligners.

Step 2

You will receive your first set of aligners about two weeks after your initial digital scan.  Dr. Shah-Khan and the MSK team will ensure your aligners fit comfortably and will schedule you for in-person checkups throughout the course of your treatment.   Treatment times vary, but many patients achieve final results in a few months. 

Step 3

Complete treatment and meet with Dr. Shah-Khan to determine a maintenance plan for keeping your smile aligned long-term. 

Let MSK Dentistry walk you through the process starting with a consultation to see if you are a candidate for this progressive care plan.